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Are you somehow into guns and weapons? If yes, then we are calling you out! If you really want to flourish in the world of writing but stick to your knowledge then you have arrived in the right place. In case, you are looking for a job where you would be able to apply the knowledge you have about guns and other weapons, then you should check out our page.

The opportunity to Write For Us And Get Paid is something amazing and you can actually make it work. Isn’t it great? If you have checked out our page then you must know who we are otherwise, we would also like to introduce ourselves.

Who Are We?

We are a site where we talk about different weapons, guns, and many more. There are so many different types of guns available and they can be used for different purposes as well. We generally make people knowledgeable about the usage of the various guns so that you can have a clear view. Also, we welcome new writers on our board to Write For Us Paid.

A hell lot of people are pretty much interested in guns but there is not that much information available on the internet. We just help them to grow their interest along with other exciting facts. If you also have a detailed idea and you want to share them with people then you should Write For Us Blog.

How To Get Started?

If you want to initiate Seo Write For Us, then you will have to know a few things about us and of course, the instructions for your writing.

  • First of all, you will have to send us a mail about your Write List.
  • After receiving the mail, we will go through the whole content and our team will scrutiny the piece of writing. If we find it suitable then you will receive a confirmation mail from our end as well. This process is not as simple as it might sound. It will take time and you need to be patient till then.
  • Once we accept your piece of writing, you are required to send us your first blog for the site.
  • Our team will scrutiny the blog and confirm if the blog has served our needs.
  • Once, you will be selected and your blog will be accepted, you can start Marketing Write For Us.
  • Everything you will have to do is, put your thoughts and knowledge on the screen and this is exactly where you have to culminate the thoughts and skills of yours. You are going to be selected on the basis of how exclusively you have written.

Hopefully, everything is clear to you and you can start to Write Today.

Blog Post Guidelines:

Of course, you need to maintain some of the guidelines given by us. Before you start Business Write For Us, you need to go through these guidelines with uttermost attention.

  • First of all, you will have to write an introduction on behalf of your blog. While writing the introduction, you will have to remember that people will judge the whole blog on the basis of the introduction. Also, you should not write the introduction of more than 50 words. Hence, the whole thing should be short and crisp!
  • Coming to the subheads, they play a significant part so you will have to use at least two-three subheadings. Also, your subheadings should be engaging and eye-catchy. It should have a hint but not the whole answer!
  • You should try to convey your own point of view or experience through the blog. It will make your write-up more engaging and people will love reading it as well.
  • Readers generally look for real stories or experiences so, you should covey them exactly the same. Your artistic vision will add some more splash to it!
  • You need to send the file in the “word” formation only. If you send it in any other formation then it will not be accepted.

We hope that we have made the Blog Post Guidelines clear to you and you do not have any more doubt!

Some Of The Evaluative Key Points Of Our Site

We will discuss some of the key points that you need to know in order to maintain the ethics of the site and your writing piece as well. We would request you to give it a read and go to, Home Write For Us.

  • The piece of writing you will send it to you should go under to check if it meets our the need or not. If the article is offtopic, the authority will not be held responsible to select it.
  • The article you will send to us need not be published anywhere else. It would be upon the authority in order to decide whether the article is up to the mark or somehow worthy to be published. If the article will not match our requirements, we will not at all publish it on our site.
  • Plagiarism plays the most important part and in case, we find even 1% plagiarism then we will immediately reject the article without any kind of explanation. The uniqueness of the article is everything that matters to us and we will nor compromise with it at all.

Where Can I Submit My Writing?

The process is very simple and you do not have to do a lot of things in order to submit the blog for our site. You can send the piece of writing via email address. You will find the email address on our home page. We have already shared everything you need to know and now, you will just have to prepare the blog and send it to us!


This is the place where you can flourish. If you want a platform where you can put your knowledge and information on canines and earn from it, come and write today with us at