Winchester SX4 review: A detailed review!

This shotgun is the one that comes refined and is an updated version of its semi-automatic shotguns. The ergonomics along with every other controlling mechanism is much improved. This shotgun series is meant to be a very good replacement for the classic shotgun Model SX3. 

Now, if you have a question, where are Winchester shotguns made, the answer is Morgan, Utah. The reason behind this question is that the company has a lot of complex history and the company has relocated its plant many times. 

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Features of Winchester SX4

This shotgun is among one of the favorites and it comes with a 12-gauge barrel. With the length of 26 to 28 inches, depending on your choice, Winchester SX4 comes with a full length of 47 to 49 inches. The pull length is slightly above 14 inches and it comes with a matte finish. 

This shotgun from Winchester comes with an aluminum alloy and the chamber is done in chrome-platings. This shotgun comes with better ergonomics and you will feel more in control. Though there are some minimal changes in the design, those slight changes turned out to be the best when it comes to handling. 

Winchester SX4 shotgun is the one where you will get features like removable choke tubes that are Invector-Plus. The chamber on this shotgun comes in two options, 3 and 3.5 inches. The overall weight of the gun is also much reduced and you will find it much easier to carry around. 

The recoiling will also get distributed to the wider area as it comes with a much bigger fingerprint. The ejector of Winchester SX4 will also toss out the empty shell as soon as it gets away from the chamber. This will eventually speed up the reloading and will make it a more reliable shotgun. 

Some pros & cons

Here are some pros and cons of Winchester SX4, pointed out for you:


  1. The biggest bro is its deceitful safety mechanism where you will be able to find it very easy to operate from either side.
  2. The chrome plating of the bore and chamber protects it from rust and corrosion.
  3. This SX4 is the one that is also lightweight.
  4. This is also the cheaper version and you will get it around $100 lesser.


  1. Though the company claims the perfect balance, there are some reports by users that the front is a bit on the heavier side.
  2. There are also complaints regarding the build quality of the trigger. 

Comparison between SX3 and SX4

With this latest addition in the SX series, there are multiple users who are confused with the features. This part of the article focuses on the specifications and let’s directly dive into it. The last model SX3 was among the best performers and the users were a little worried about the specs and the upcoming changes. 

As of now, it’s out in the market, we can surely say that it’s definitely an improvement. The recoiling on the SX3 was lightweight and reliable, Winchester took it to a whole different level. The internal specifications of both the shotguns are pretty much the same so the users didn’t have to go through adapting that mechanism.

This point helps a lot if you look from a macro lens. The debate of Winchester SX3 vs SX4 ends up with the conclusion that SX4 is definitely the upgrade and you will not find any problem in the operation. This is what all has been changed:

  • If you are wearing gloves, you will not have much difficulty as the trigger guard is much bigger in comparison to the SX3.
  • The minor changes are being done on the safety, charging, and bolt release. The design is being made in such a way that you can easily operate it with gloves on. 
  • In comparison to the Sx3, the balance point is moved a little ahead. This will help in a better swing. 
  • Apart from the Winchester SX4 specifications, the SX4 shotgun is also slightly lighter and there are some variants that look a lot better. 
  • One of the most important is the price difference. This newer model is available for you to get at a $100 lesser price point. 
  • There are 3 color variants available for Sx4, black, waterfowl, and field, that comes with an oil-finished walnut stock. 

Specifications of Winchester SX4

Winchester SX4 review: A detailed review!

Talking more about the specifications, the Winchester SX4 comes with a synthetic stock that is rugged with the pistol grip. The forearm will be also textured so that you can get a better grip. This shotgun is pretty lightweight and much slimmer so that it’s easier to carry around. It is also the determining factor in balancing and the overall feel of the shotgun. 

The factor in its weightlessness is primarily the alloy build and recoil spring system. In the Winchester SX4 features, you will also get a back-bored tech that is actually helpful in giving you the flawless shots. The wear and tear are also minimized to almost zero levels, thanks to the hard chrome-plated chamber and bore.

This shotgun also comes with good durability and the optimum speed in any and all weather conditions. The technology used in this shotgun is Winchester’s indigenous self-adjusting ActiveValve. The front sight is equipped with long fiber-optic that is actually very helpful in quick target locking. 

The cleaning of this shotgun can also be done very easily as the parts are easily removable and ensure all the safety measures. The manual safety mechanism is right behind the trigger and is placed in the way so that it’s quickly accessible without much effort. The variants come with slight or no changes, apart from the looks. The best looking according to us is the Winchester SX4 Waterfowl where it comes with a camo-design.

Wrapping up the shoot…

Winchester SX4 review: A detailed review!

After extensive testing and all the details shared above, it can be said that you will have no regrets in getting this newer version. The shotgun is tried and tested and the brand, Winchester, is also in this market now for a very long time. As the users were worried about the change in the specs/features, Winchester nailed it by providing the best-in-class and even in a much lower price bracket. Along with all the improvements, the SX4 is also pretty much better with the Winchester Super X3 field compact.

It is a very versatile and easily usable pistol that has many benefits for the ones who need a good quality, lightweight pistol that provides accurate shooting. It is a perfect product. When this pistol came out, it created a lot of buzz among the people who deal and handle guns and revolvers. It has a wide variety of benefits, and that is why it is no wonder that it had been so popular.
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