Triple Barrel Shotgun Rifle Review in Detail

“It’s easy to solve the halting problem with a shotgun,” said Larry Wall. The saying is true!

There is nothing more effective and reliable with more capacity than a 3 barrel shotgun. Now you might be wondering what is so special about this gun? Well, it is not any ordinary 12-gauge. Moreover, it comes with a compact overall length.

Triple Barrel Shotgun Rifle  Review in Detail
Triple Barrel Shotgun Rifle Review

You will be thinking, “So what? This gun ain’t new.” Yes, it is true, Charles Daly has introduced three more triple-barrel shotguns, but there is something special about Chiappa Triple Crown.

Anything that has a triple barrel always has hype. And trust us, 3 barrel shotgun is pretty damn cool! If you wanted to take a look at the Chiappa Triple Threat shotgun, then scroll on. From specifications to review, you will find everything here.

“You can’t talk to a man, with a shotgun in his hand,” said by Carole King. To be truthful, this shotgun is the king of all the “get off my lawn” guns. The burglars will stay away if they catch a glimpse of the intimidating look of this shotgun.

Without zero doubt, this is a ‘look-at-me’ shotgun. It looks cool, and once you hold it in your hands, it will make you feel like you are in a Hollywood film. Under its tough look, lies a shotgun with a class. It has some best qualities, which is the best choice for a shooter. 

Triple Barrel Shotgun Rifle  Review in Detail
Triple Barrel Shotgun Rifle Review

This shotgun is true fun and oozes cool, and you will enjoy each moment spent with it. If you are looking forward to knowing more about this shotgun, then please keep reading. The gun also has a removable gun stock, which you can disassemble and turn into a pistol.

Just like any other finest shotguns, while making Charles Daly triple barrel shotgun, the manufacturer gives a lot of attention to its quality and detail. Many people get confused over the usage of Charles Daly and Chiappa. The latter is the distributor of the shotgun, while the former creates the Triple Threat Shotgun.

We don’t want you to get confused too, so we are going to refer to this weapon as the Chiappa Triple Threat. So let’s move forward. But before we begin with the Chiappa triple threat review, let’s get to know more about the weapon in detail below.

We thought that this weapon had nothing new, but later on, we realized that we hadn’t taken a close look at it. So now is the right time to check out more about this gun.

Chiappa Triple Crown shotgun

Chiappa Triple Crown is a break-action, triple barrel shotgun. It is called a triple crown was a reason. These weapons are chambered in 2-, 20-, 28- and .410-gauge. Furthermore, 12-, 20- and .410 gauge models can easily take 3 inches Magnum shells. If you check from above, the barrels have a triangular arrangement. It has one on top and two below, which gives them a single barrel sight picture. 

Triple Barrel Shotgun Rifle  Review in Detail
Triple Barrel Shotgun Rifle Review

Aside from this, you can disassemble the parts of the triple crown to store it anywhere you want. So thus, it is travel friendly. Moreover, the barrels can take standard Rem-Choke style choke tubes. And it consists of five choke tubes, which range from Improved Cylinder to Full Choke.

Chiappa triple threat review

There are numerous features about this shotgun, which are really awesome, and we are going to explain each of them to you. As we said above, the first barrel rests above, and the lower barrels rest below it.

Triple Barrel Shotgun Size

One cool thing about this gun is that it has a unique two-piece removable butt-stock design. So you can shorten the length to 27.75 and use it as a pistol gun. Moreover, the side of each barrel is 18.5 inches.

Triple Barrel Shotgun Design

The gun has a matte-black finish that matches the barrels. When you pull the trigger, the right barrel fires first, the left barrel second, and the top barrel last. The overall finishing and the fit of the 3 barrel shotgun are superb. The hinge and release lever are pretty smooth and tight.

The matte look of the metal components looks neat and is free of blemishes and evenly applied. The grip and the forearm are made up of high-quality hardwood. The metal perfectly fits the wood and is free from loose fit problems, rough spots, and gaping.

Triple Barrel Shotgun Action

If you have fired only one or two shots, then once the shotgun gets reloaded, the opening act will reset the mechanism and will start the fire from the right-left-top barrel sequence again. Don’t go on its tough look because this gun is extremely comfortable to shoot. When you pull the trigger, it provides short yet crisp breaks in three pulls.

Triple Barrel Shotgun Rifle Review in Detail

You can remove the shoulder stock and form a pistol. In our point of view, the latter looks more brilliant. Want to know a little trick? You can comfortably hold the gun with your supporting hand and create a push and pull tension between both the supporting hand and the firing hand. 

In short, the Chiappa Triple Threat is manageable to shoot. From using eye-level shots to mild bird shots, you can try any of these. Moreover, you don’t need shooting gloves for this gun. This weapon is simple and most reliable among all weapons. So now, buy this model, and invite your folks and test it out in the open field.

Triple Barrel Shotgun Safety

The safety of Tripple Threat does not re-engage automatically whenever the action is close. Overall, it is a good feature that depends on the shooter’s preferences. Moreover, the shotgun also contains a triangular extractor that lifts all three spent cases. You can manually remove them from the barrels.

Would ejector work better? Well, as we said above, it is a matter of what the shooter prefers. If you are using the pistol-gripped defensive shotguns, then it won’t work for long-range combat. So while keeping this in mind, you can shoot your targets from a 7-yard distance.

Triple Barrel Shotgun Price

Tripple Barrel shotgun is a complete home-defense option. This gun completely changes the game when it comes to home security. Not only for home defense, but it is also ideal for having fun outdoors. The overall cost of 3 barrel shotgun starts at $1,955 in the US. You can find this model in any nearby weapon stores.

Triple Barrel Shotgun Rifle  Review in Detail
Triple Barrel Shotgun Rifle Review in Detail

Now, let’s move forward and read more details and specifications about Chiappa Triple Barrel in the chart below.

1Caliber12 gauge – 3 inches
2AccessoriesCased with a full set of three chokes
3Firing SequenceRight, Left, Top
4ActionBreak Open
5Weight8.2 pounds
6Barrel Length18.5 inches
7Length35.5 inches
9ChokesRem Choke Thread MC-5 (SK,IC,M,IM,F)
13Trigger SystemSingle Non-Selective w/ Mechanical Reset
14FinishMatte Black/Blued
15StockOil Finished Walnut or Checkered Synthetic 14.75 inches; DAH: 2.5 inches; DAC: 1.375 inches
16Front SightFixed Fiber Optic
17ForendOil Finished Walnut or Checkered Synthetic

Our Final Thoughts

If you are looking for something different, and by different we mean way different, then the 3 Triple Barrel Shotgun is just the thing for you. And there is no denying it is one of the most intimidating shotguns to have at your home. Moreover, it is a must-have shotgun for hunters. So if you find one, then do not let it go and buy it! Did you find this article helpful? Then do share it with your friends, because sharing is caring!

Stay safe and tuned for more updates.

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