The Need for Owning and Using a Tactical Vest

Whether you are a law enforcement officer or an ordinary citizen who goes hunting, shooting, or even paintballing, if you use a gun, the chances are that people would have told you to use a tactical vest. Well, the military using tactical gear makes sense. But why do we common citizens need to use a vest? Or is it even necessary? Yes, it is.

Why Own a Tactical Vest?

A tactical vest is an essential part of tactical gear designed initially for the military. Although not mandatory, having a vest as a part of your tactical gear can be beneficial. They are very light in weight so you get to move quickly while getting advanced protection from several problems.

Tactical vests also enable you to carry many supplies along for quick access. That’s precisely why they are gaining popularity among civilians. There are many more reasons for owning a tactical vest.

Extremely Customizable

You have endless options when it comes to customizing your tactical vest. Almost every modern-day vest comes with a velcro belt, making it easier to add pockets when needed. You can also relocate them and tighten or loosen the vest according to your likings for more comfort.

Easy Access to Armories and Accessories

Whether in a war, at a crime scene, or while hunting, having all essential accessories at immediate access can make all the difference to the results. An easily relatable example will be a hunting scenario. Suppose you are in the wild and you spot a deer. You only have a single shot left in your gun, and you miss the target.

The deer won’t wait for you to get your accessories and have a try again. Having immediate access to a magazine will help you hunt down the deer during such situations. A standard tactical vest can hold six rifle and four handgun magazines, a sidearm, a radio, and a cell phone. But don’t forget that you also have the option to store more, thanks to the velcro belts.

Enhances Protection

A tactical vest can also give you protection based on the type. For instance, if you are hunting and get into a close encounter with an animal, a vest can reduce the impact of the attacks. Similarly, suppose you are hunting in a jungle, and there’s someone else hunting too. In that scenario, a bullet-proof tactical vest can protect you from any unintentional shots coming your way.

Distributes Gear Weight Equally

If you hold all your accessories in a bag, you will have to adjust the weight around one side of your body. However, with a vest, the weight is equally distributed. Hence, you don’t have to make adjustments to your natural moves.

Buying Your Perfect Tactical Vest

Selecting a particular tactical vest can be challenging. But that doesn’t allow you to go and randomly pick any. Here are some considerations to help you get that perfect tactical vest.

Threat Exposure

There are multiple threat levels for every tactical gear piece. Each group has a varied thickness and can protect against different weapons. Hence, defining your threat level is essential to pick the right vest for you. Knowing the type of weapon your opponent will use can be beneficial here.

Size and Weight

The length, width, and weight of your vest matter a lot. For instance, if you want protection from knife jabs, a small-sized vest can leave your underbelly vulnerable. Similarly, taking an overly-sized vest will leave you uncomfortable. Although you have the belt to tighten the vest, it will leave the vest clogging if you take a huge one and tighten it.

The weight of a vest depends on the threat level and thickness too. But what’s important to consider here is to go for the minimum required threat level. Just because the last level gives more protection does not mean you need to go for it.

Can It Withhold?

Your vest should be durable to stand extreme conditions. You don’t want a tactical vest that can tear apart in the middle of a situation and leave you vulnerable, especially if your life is on the line.

Comfort Is Important

Comfort is an essential factor in a vest, but it is not necessary. If you are buying it for a war-like situation, protection is the only thing that matters. You need to remember that the safest will be the most uncomfortable due to the thickness and weight.

Final Thoughts

Tactical vests are crucial for so many reasons, as listed above. Hence, you need to do your homework before purchasing one for you. Go for something suitable for you and never settle for anything lesser than your expectations.

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