Sig Sauer P365 Review

“A pistol is like a woman. It is all about how you hold her”, said by Earl Dibbles Jr.

Just one look at Sig Sauer P365 and we are sure most gun lovers will be a goner!

 If you didn’t fell in love with it at the first sight, then we are sure that you will, at the end of this article. 

Why do people love Sig Sauer P365? Does it live up to the hype?

 Well, these are few questions some curious people ask before buying. The pistol is small, but its performance is great.

To be honest, no pistol has received much attention as SIG Sauer P365 has received. Since its launch, it has been in the limelight and dominated other 9mm guns like Glock 43’s and M&P Shields.

As a matter of fact, many guns owner believe that a concealed carry gun should be slim, striker-fired, between 6-8 round capacity, single stack as well as lightweight. 

Now you have entered the world of Sig Sauer P365!

 This pistol is all about reliability, accessories, and much more. 

And here, you are still wondering, why some people are going cray-cray over this pistol. Mostly, they are going nuts over its upgrades and magazine.

In this read, we will cover all new upgrades and accessories to buy for a new Sig Sauer P365 owner. It also includes the lights and holsters.

So, keep reading!

If you get your hands on this cutie, then you will fall in love with it too. 

Sig Sauer P365 looks too good to be true, and as per the predictions, this gun has become the ultimate carry gun. The key to its success is its gun’s 10, 12, and 15 magazines.

We know that you are freaking out on the inside, so without further ado, first, let us talk about Sig Sauer P365 cost.

Sig Sauer P365 Price:

Since it got launched in the weapon industry in 2018, the SIG Sauer P365 has taken the world by storm. The owners are pretty impressed with its accessories that boost performance. And why wouldn’t they be? 

You will be shocked to see an impressive capacity in such a slim subcompact pistol. Once people make up their mind to finally purchase this slim pistol, they always end up Googling the price for it. The price of this pistol may differ online as well as offline.

Any plans to buy this gun for yourself and want to know how much it costs?

Here is a deal!

Its prices start from $529.99. 


Meanwhile, let know more!

Sig Sauer P365 Availability:

Are you wondering whether Sig Sauer P365 is available in the online and offline market? 

The gun was released in 2018, so it is available in all the online and offline stores. It is already sitting on the store shelves waiting for you to buy them.

You can buy Sig Sauer P365 with confidence from hundreds of offline sellers who list this gun daily. You can also shop for the pistol from various trusted only sources. Some sources might offer this slim pistol at high prices, so you can compare prices and buy it from the budget-friendly website.

Now let’s move forward to know every accessory of Sig Sauer P365.

Sig Sauer P365 Accessories:

1. Streamlight TLR-6 (Best Light for SIG P365)

Looking for the best light for your Sig Sauer P365?

TLR-6 is the obvious choice. After all, a gun with great laser/light is one of the best accessories one can add to their firearm, right?

 So, the light will become your friend in the dark areas or at night.

Moreover, TLR-6 will easily fit your P365, and the 100 lumens creates enough light to brighten up the dark room. The plus point about this accessory is that it doubles as both a laser and a light.

If you properly zero it, the laser acts the best way to aim at an object. It is also helpful in self-defense situations. It will not only scan the room for threats but also be more useful to maintain focus on the targets. 

Isn’t it the best accessory?

Furthermore, you can also use the lasers to train your new shooting buddies. It can be of great help to those who flinch a bit before pulling the trigger. 

You will also find push-button controls on both sides of the lights housing. When you press both buttons simultaneously, it will swap through options like light only, laser, or both.

If you want to turn it on momentarily, then you can press and hold either button. Until and unless you press either button again, the light or the laser will stay on. 

Ain’t it easy peasy, lemon squeezy?

Interested to find out the brand?

There are many affordable, reputable, and reliable weapon light brands you can find in the weapon accessories market. But make sure to find the best-designed light that fits the P365. If you feel a light handles all your needs, then don’t think anything and just go for it.

We mentioned this accessory first in the list because we consider this the best one to add to your firearm. Many P365 owners will suggest you this light as well.

Now, a question will surely pop into your mind that where to place and does it have a gun pouch? 

You will certainly get the answers, keep scrolling!

2. Concealed Carry Holsters

Looking at the size of the P365, there is a great chance that you bought the gun for concealed carry. If that is the case, then it is more than an accessory. We have added the holster in the second list for a purpose. 

Want to know what is it?

The best quality holster is a necessity for a safely concealed carrying of the gun. Do not avoid this basic necessity. If you have bought P365, then instead of buying a holster as well. It will not only protect your trigger but also securely retain your pistol. Many holster manufacturers provide thick and good quality holsters.

The designs can vary too. You can also buy gun pouches for appendix carry, or waistband carries. Moreover, you can adjust the position of the clip and change the ride height and cant. 

If you want a stylish holster, then you can find a variety of designs and colors in the holster stores.

So now, you can draw your gun easily with this holster without compromising your comfort.

3. Crossbreed MiniTuck

If you are still looking for some other holster design, then Crossbreed Holsters MiniTuck is the second-best contender. 

One good news is that you can not only use it for your Sig P365 but also P365 XL, as well as P365 SAS.

So if you own these three guns, then buy this holster and save yourself from buying three different holsters. Aside from this, is said to be the most robust holster, designed for right-handers to carry at the 3:30 to 5 o’clock position and for left-handers at 7 to 8:30 position.

Want to know the one thing that sets this holster from another holster?

 Well, you can customize Crossbreed Holsters to fit around the accessories of your gun. It does change the competition, no?

Suggestion taken? 

Is Streamlight TLR-6 to your firearm?  

 Get a MiniTuck with Kydex. 

We also recommend you to pick between leather and horsehide backings because they are more comfortable than any other holsters.

4. Sig Sauer P365 Magazine pouch

This accessory is the best one out there! If you don’t agree with us now, then we are sure that you will agree after reading this entire section. One thing owner love about this pouch is that it features a snap-to-the-belt design. Ans as per your wish, you can carry it vertically or horizontally.

Additionally, it has a fully adjustable dual tension device and accommodates belts up to 1 3/4″ wide. If you have noticed it carefully, then you will see that the belt loop has a slight angle, which makes it easier for you to retrieve your gun during emergencies.

It is a great fit and looks perfect for your P365, and once you get it, you won’t be disappointed. Retention is easy to remove the guns during emergencies. If you liked the Sig Sauer P365 Magazine pouch, then do recommend it to your friends as well.

5. 15 Round Magazine for P365

We know that many of you will debate, “What makes Sig Sauer P365 so special?” So, friends, we will answer your question in this section itself. The magazine capacity of the gun is what makes it the best weapon.

Don’t go on it’s cuter, thinner, and smaller size. We know that it is small compared to other single-stack pistols, but this gun can hold more than a ten-round magazine. You can now, buy 12 and 15 round magazines as well.

However, we will mostly recommend you to go for 15 round magazine for your Sig Sauer P365. After the manufacturer came out with this magazine, gun nuts are crazily buying it from their weapon accessories sellers.

Yes, we would not recommend you to load this into our pistol for concealed carry because it is harder and longer to carry. But it is great to use it at the range or keep a backup magazine. What’s more? The 15 round magazine also contains two baseplates, which will not only fit your P365 but also P365 XL.

If you want to upgrade your weapon, then this is the best upgrade you can do to your P365. It fits perfectly in the regular grip module. If you think you might have a gripping problem, then do not worry because it can fit medium-sized hands as well.

Moreover, Sig Sauer P365 Magazine won’t bite you either. Isn’t it a fantastic accessory? If you want to have a brief look at the magazine specification, then check out the chart below.

2Capacity15 rounds
3Caliber9mm Luger
4Pistol/Gun TypeSIG P365 & P365 XL
5CompatibilityCompatible with the P365 and the P365 XL

Read on to find more great accessories like this one.

6. Outerimpact Red Dot Adapter Mount

Want to add a red dot sight to your Sig Sauer P365? Do you also want to add it without getting a custom cut slide? Then you can come to the right side of the internet.

As always, we might have an answer to your problem. Without teasing you any further, let’s talk about the solution. Outerimpact Red Dot Adapter Mount will surely fix your issue in just one finger snap.

All you have to do is replace your read sight with Outerimpact Red Dot Adapter Mount. And guess what, you can mount almost all popular pistol red dot sights. Yes, you read it, right? So it will include Leupold Delta Point, Vortex Venom, Trijicon RMR, and many more.

7. Lightning Strike Firing Pin

If you are a newbie, then you might not know about the fault firing pins in P365. 

But here is a way to  to know more about it!

Take a look at consumer complaints about the early days of Sig Sauer P365. 

If you have already bought the gun a year back or six months ago, then you might have gone through these issues as well.

We don’t think this problem has been addressed by SigSauer, in the new upgrades. So if you still own the original pistol, then it would be wise to buy a replacement firing pin.

With that said, we would recommend you the best firing pin out there in the weapon market. You can check out the Lightning Strike Firing Pin, which is the best replacement for your old one. As the name suggests, the product is striking too. 

Infact, our research suggests that many P365 owners have replaced their old firing pins with this one. 

However, the awesome news is that the pin is created from 17-4 heat-treated steel.

Moreover, the pin is branded, which reduces the lock time by 50%. Cool, right? 

Thinking if it will increase your gun’s greater accuracy as well as its performance?

In real, it is not a compulsory upgrade.But if you wish to change your firing pin, then this is worth looking for.

8. True Precision X-Fluted Match Grade Threaded Barrel

Not many pistol owners come looking to attach muzzle devices like sound suppressors to their Sig Sauer P365, but we are sure that there are some of you out there. 

We have heard you and brought the right solution to our problem.

To be honest, these match grade threaded barrel in your Sig Sauer P365 are the first of their kind. It will not only improve accuracy but also the overall performance. Wait, there is more! 

These match grade barrels are 1/2X28 threaded for muzzle devices, have SAAMI spec polished chambers, as well as use 1-10” rifling. 

Aside from this, they are easily available in the weapon market in a variety of corrosion-resistant finishes. And they look and feel amazing too! So these were are the top accessories which you should get for your Sig Sauer P365. Again, if your previous parts are working well, it isn’t necessary to upgrade each product.

Sig Sauer P365 Manual Safety

Sig Sauer P365 is indeed a striker-fired, lightweight polymer-frame pistol. That being said, the gun is small enough to conceal but big enough to deliver major firepower. Just like other pistols, Sig Sauer P365 has simple controls such as an external manual safety, magazine release, slide lock/release, as well as takedown lever.

Once you pull that consistent yet smooth trigger, it delivers a precision shot as well as a controlled yet rapid-fire. If your hands get sweaty easily, then worry not! An ergonomic textured grip won’t let your hands loosen their grip. So say goodbye to the non-slip hold.

Moreover, the unique grip design offers a high grip-to-bore axis to fire control. Besides, there is one more feature that is compatible with Sig Sauer light or laser accessories. And that is the integral slim-line rail.

The frame also contains stainless steel, FCU (fire control unit). If you want to enhance your ability to pull the slide back for clearing as well as loading the action, then the corrosion-resistant, Nitron coated stainless steel slide provides rear and front serrations.

You won’t have to pull the trigger or use tools because the Sig Sauer P365 Nitron Semi-Auto Pistol safely fieldstrips will do your work in a blink of an eye. To get a clearer view of the manual safety features, let’s check out the chart below.

1Product Height5.5 inches
2MaterialComes in steel or polymer
3Cartridge or Gauge9mm
6Barrel Length3.1”
8Gun Weight17.8 oz.

Let’s also take a look at the features of manual safety of Sig Sauer P365 below.

  • Polymer-frame, striker-fired
  • Easily fieldstrips without tools
  • Smooth, consistent trigger pull
  • External manual safety
  • Serialized, steel fire control unit
  • Integral slim-line rail
  • Nitron coated stainless steel slide
  • Ergonomic textured grip
  • Front and rear slide serrations
  • X-RAY3 tritium sights

So these were some features, if you wish to read issues in Sig Sauer P365, then you can check it out below.

Sig Sauer P365 Problems

Every weapon has some faults, so Sig Sauer P365 has its controversy too. Almost immediately following the release in 2018, the shipping was paused.

Later on, it was disclosed that some issues involved the SIG Lite night sights breaking off, light primer strikes, failure to go into battery, and many other problems.

Let’s check out the most severe problems in Sig Sauer P365 below.

1. Sig Sauer P365 Gen 2 Reliability

Most of you would be curious to know how this gun holds up. Many owners have a complaint that after owning it for some time, the kinks got ironed out. After getting the gun, they kept the track of the gun’s performance.

In terms of failures, they experienced failure to fire. Some have noticed one failure to eject after a few years. Overall, we would say that the reliability of the gun is rock solid but would wear out after a few years.

2. Sig Sauer P365 Striker Drag

One of the biggest complaints we see about the MIM firing pin. Many owners have reported a potential issue which states that they have experienced broken firing pins. They complained that their firing pins have become bent or broken.

This issue has mostly been noticed in small striker guns, but owners of P365 seems to have experienced this issue more. It makes them wonder that does it cause excessive wear? Well, as per Sig Sauer P365 manufacturers, it does not. 

3. Sig Sauer P365 Ergonomics

Overall, the ergonomics of the Sig Sauer P365 are excellent. However, the issue here is dropping the magazine. Many owners have experienced that when they hit the release and hold the magazine inside the pistol, their pinky finger and palm creates pressure.

Well, this is a common problem among gun owners. In short, it is a small gun, big hands problem. Another issue is the slide lock. It sits where your thumbs are placed. After firing, the slide lock gets held down, and the side does not lock back after the last round gets fired.

There are no further issues or complaints about Sig Sauer P365. It is a bit big to carry in the pocket, but you don’t have to worry about it because you can get a holster.

Our Final Thoughts: 

Sig Sauer P365 is an excellent gun in many ways. It is still holding its crown due to its best specifications, large capacity, accessories as well as upgrades. Will it hold forever? Well, only time will tell. But for now, it is one of the most popular pistols. It’s a great trigger, and a tiny size is what attracts the customers. Moreover, you can take this cutie out for fun shoots. 

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