Best Carry Revolver, Taurus 605: A Detailed Review

When you are in the market looking for a gun that you can carry secretly, Taurus has yet another option apart from Model 85 and that’s Taurus 605. This is an improved version and is capable of shooting bigger cartridges. If you are getting a revolver for range shooting, the better option is .38 Magnum.

Revolver taurus 605 review

Whereas if you are getting one for defense, this Taurus 605 is a better choice as it comes with .357 Magnum. Now, that you got an initial idea, let’s dive into the Taurus 605 Gunblast review. The features that this revolver boasts of is it has the best grip, a good appearance, and has a very safe mechanism. 

Best Carry Revolver, Taurus 605: A Detailed Review

Appearance and Usage Of Taurus 605

You may have the question that for what purpose you will need this revolver the most. This is the best suited for your defense and one of the best options if you are looking for the options that can be secretly taken. There are also multiple other purposes that this revolver can serve, eg, it’s also a great option for shooting.

One thing that you should note is it has a little bit of extra kick when compared to the .38 Magnum. It will also offer a good range and you will find shooting very enjoyable. The appearance and Taurus 605 grip are also among various USPs of this revolver. 

Best Carry Revolver, Taurus 605: A Detailed Review
Revolver taurus 605 review

The size of this revolver is also what contributes to its concealed carrying nature. You can get it in two options, one is stainless steel and the other is polymer frame. The weight of the Taurus 605 is also just 620 grams that are roughly 22 ounces. The size is also very compact at only 6.5 inches, it can fit anywhere very easily. The only downside of this revolver, that’s also the downside of all the defense concealed revolvers is that it shoots only 5 rounds. 

Before diving into more details, it’s important to understand that the revolver will be more durable with the stainless steel frame and it will also have to face recoil. Yes, we know the size of 6.5 inches doesn’t make it the smallest revolver but even then, it can be very easily carried. 

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Security and accuracy

Best Carry Revolver, Taurus 605: A Detailed Review
Revolver taurus 605 review

When you are planning to have a gun, the revolvers like Taurus 605 stainless steel one is one of the best in the segment to start with. As this revolver comes with an outer hammer, you can easily tell if the revolver is ready to fire by just looking at the cylinder. Taurus went a step ahead and added more security features to it. You will get a security system that is more of a locking mechanism and you can engage the revolver with the help of a simple key.

When the lock is engaged, you will not be able to move the cylinder or even pull the trigger. You will need a little bit of time to disengage the weapon but the biggest pro to this is that it will carry absolutely no hazard while not in use. There is also a transfer bar present on the revolver that ensures the gun doesn’t fire until you pull the trigger all the way. 

The features of Taurus 605 make it one of the best in class and you will find a good amount of security just by carrying it. 

Some pros and cons 

There are some very great features that this revolver comes equipped with. In regard to these features, here are some very obvious pros and cons you must know before getting one. 



Almost all the revolvers are very safe to use. Taurus decided to go even a step further and added some security features that are very practical and useful when it comes to carrying a weapon. 


You can stay stress-free and will not find a single time when this revolver will disappoint you. The stainless steel body will remain unaffected by any scenario and will also be very durable. The range of Taurus 605 is also very good and enhanced when compared to Model 85 that shoots .38 Magnum. 


The defense aspect of the revolver is also very advanced where you can easily shoot all 5 rounds. This is considered as a pro due to the smaller build of the revolver. 


Limited round

The only con that comes with the defense revolvers is the limited rounds. You will have to take extra care of shooting accurately when it will come to the defensive situation. 

Some more features/specs of Taurus 605

Coming to more of a technical side, this section of the review will cover the features of this compact revolver. After having an idea from the pros and cons of Taurus 605, you must know that the revolver doesn’t have any con. So, let’s talk about more about the packaging and what else comes in the box. 

The cardboard box of the gun comes with the Taurus’s own artwork and you will find 2 keys for the locking mechanism that we talked about earlier. The grip provided on the gun is not what we call huge but big enough to let you feel that the gun is secure. On the backside, it will also provide a good amount of cushioning from the blow you will get on shooting. The overall build quality of the gun is very sturdy and looks very elegant.

The Taurus 605 Magnum also comes with a very good range where you will be able to shoot up to 75 feet or 25 yards. Considering the size of the gun where you get a 2-inch barrel, the range is very good and you will get it all at very good pricing of under $390.

Some accessories you Need

Best Carry Revolver, Taurus 605: A Detailed Review
Revolver taurus 605 review

When you are carrying a gun, be it any kind, you are going to need to have some accessories that will ease the maintenance for you. The first thing that you will need is a good quality holster. A holster is the carrying case of your gun and it must be of very good quality.

For better performance, you may also change some of the springs on the inside. Other than this, you can also get a speedloader that will save you a lot of time at the range. For more information, you can check out the Taurus 605 Hickok45 videos. 


Revolvers are a good start once you decided to have a gun. This gun from Taurus offers a better option in the form of defense as well as shooting. The compact size of this revolver provides you better mobility and carrying it with good secrecy. The grip provided to you on this gun is also very good and provides better cushioning to the kick. 

The security features present on the gun will help you in overcoming the Taurus 605 problems, though there aren’t many except the limited rounds. Along with better grip and appearance, the gun is also very safe to carry anywhere.

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