Looking for a tactical shotgun? – Here’s Mossberg 500 review for you!

If you are into guns and have a passion, you must have heard about the Mossberg 500 by now. The gun comes from the manufacturer O. F. Mossberg & Sons and it definitely needs no introduction. The gun is used by a range of organizations such as the Marine Corps in the missions all around the world. However, there are multiple features of the Mossberg 500 tactical that can impact your requirement.

This article will help you in coming to a final decision. Let’s dive right into the Mossberg 500 analytical review.

Accessories for Mossberg 500

There is a whole range of accessories that you can get for this tactical shotgun. It’s very difficult for us to decide where to start from as almost all the accessories carry huge potential. You must decide the accessories according to you and here is a handpicked compilation for you. 

Forend Integrated Light (Streamlight TL-Racker)

Looking for a tactical shotgun? - Here’s Mossberg 500 for you!

If you have a defense gun, it’s very important that you get a light along with it as well. Everyone knows this. The dilemma strikes when you actually step out to get one. This light features a good grip with a great amount of lighting of 850 lumens. Streamlight TL-Racker is the one that offers both the modes, momentary as well as constant-on.

Magpul MOE M-LOK

Looking for a tactical shotgun? - Here’s Mossberg 500 for you!

This is one of the Mossberg 500 tactical accessories that you can get if the Streamlight one is not in your budget. This piece of accessory offers you different slots so you can attach your own lighting to it. This model is not available for a whole range of guns so you must confirm before getting one. 

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Angled Foregrips

Looking for a tactical shotgun? - Here’s Mossberg 500 for you!

The accessory that you will find the most practical one after the light is the grip. You will find the vertical grips a bit harsh and the MOE attachment will allow you to add different grip of your choice. The angled grip will be a better option.

Mossberg 500 Tactical Barrel


This 500 series of shotgun houses a whole range of tactical shotguns. Each gun comes with different bore diameter and you can get one for yourself as per your requirements. Here are some key points of the Mossberg 500 tactical barrel.

  1. The most common one that is used is the 12-gauge. This is also the one that is the most powerful of the three.
  2. Then comes the 20-gauge one. It is a bit underpowered when compared side-by-side to the 12-gauge. This gun has also the softer coil which makes it feasible for a lot of people. 
  3. Finally, comes the .410 bore which is the least powerful and also the cheapest among the lot. As this barrel is also used in a whole range of other guns, it is a wise option to get the caliber that can fit all. It will be economic as well as much easy to manage. 

The pump-action Mossberg 500


This is one of the best Mossberg 500 tactical pump-action shotguns available in the market right now. You will get a great build quality with a premium black finish paired with the receiver made out of aluminum alloy and a good synthetic butt and forend. 

The packaging of the gun will provide you a detailed user guide and will come in an industrial cardboard box. This gun has been in the market for a much longer time with different designs and barrels. The design hasn’t changed drastically but the O. F. Mossberg & Sons kept introducing little improvements to enhance usability and eventually the experience. 

The big question: Why Mossberg 500?

There are a plethora of options that will come to your mind when you decide to get a shotgun, be it for defense or tactical ops. Also, the other options are very good and perform the best for their tactical operation requirements. There must be the question ‘Why choose the Mossberg 500 tactical shotgun?’

We will answer this question and clear all your confusions. This series of the shotgun has been in the market for almost 60 years now. The design and functionality are continuously improving. The improvements are done based on various factors that include customer feedback. Talking about statistics, M500 has been sold above 10-mil units and still selling. It is one of the most trusted brands for personal and professional use. 

Some more features…

This shotgun comes with a whole range of features that will help you in deciding if you actually want it. If you have used any shotgun earlier, the technical specifications are not so much different. But, you will get dual-extractors, anti-jam elevators, steel-to-steel lockup, and twin-action bars in this gun. However, the safety mechanism is kind of deceptive and you will find it mounted on top of the gun. 

The features of the Mossberg 500 tactical shotgun include the barrel of 20-inches with the 12-gauge caliber. The chamber length is 3-inches and the LOP is fixed at 13.87-inches. The total length of the shotgun is 41-inches with the matte-blue finish of the barrel. 

What it’s like on the Range?


The weapon shows its true potential when it’s out on the range. According to someone who is using the gun from way back, the weapon never showed any kind of fault. You must be very careful with the maintenance and don’t try it all by yourself if you have not any sufficient experience. 

Mossberg 500 is one of the easiest to use. The manufacturer managed to build a very simple and easy platform to practice shooting and everyone can easily get hold of it. You should also note that the performance of the weapon is hugely based on the experience of the shooter and you must not blame it on the build on the very first use.

Your grip plays a huge role in smooth performance. If you are looking for a weapon, the Mossberg 500 tactical on the range is the best one for you. As the one who has used M500 for a much longer time, I can count the times any malfunction occurred literally on one hand. If you are getting problems with your weapon, you should contact Mossberg for any type of assistance. 

Some pros & cons…


  1. For some people, the safety location is at the best place and the stock is built of very good quality.
  2. The shotgun falls under the category of super-reliable weapons.
  3. M500 can also use mini-shells.
  4. This is also an affordable option that you can get for yourself. 
  5. The release button is also very convenient to use. 


  1. It can be a bit bunglesome on first uses.
  2. The magazine can not be extended.


You must not get confused with the M500 being the best tactical option for you out there. Our final verdict on the Mossberg 500 tactical shotgun is that you can definitely get it if your budget is around $550. Among the other features, one thing that makes it really stand out is the reliability and durability of this gun. 

Also, the gun is not for any specific purpose and can be most reliable for both the home-defense as well as tactical operations.

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