Get Know About 1911 Kimber Micro 9mm: A Thorough Review

It was 2016 when the Kimber Micro 9 entered the marketplace. The American Gun culture has open-heartedly accepted it, the bigger 1911 model. The antique feel and supreme performance are the two fantastic reasons for their approval. The shorter and smoother pool makes sure that you shoot with accuracy. 

Get Know About 1911 Kimber Micro 9mm: A Thorough Review
Kimber Micro 9mm review

The part with flawless ejection and beveled magazine works for faster loading of the gun. The barrel and also the bore are things to look for. They are crafted for holding bigger sized bullets. The very swift look bordered with 9 mm, one of a kind. 

The users love the feel of holding a Kimber Micro. It sends a vibe to the winner

Kimber micro 9 reliability is well-known to gun lovers on its own. So it is needless to say that people find it charming and chic. Our article here leads you through the ifs and buts about the 9 mm. We have stitched together several aspects regarding this, only for you.

Kimber micro 9 mm is a semi-auto gun. It works as a single action gun and uses a 9mm Luger. There are so many ways to avail of a Kimber micro 9mm gun. But the Well, the main question is how to select ammo for micro 9. There are mainly two ways to select ammo for Kimber micro 9. 

  1. The time and the point of impact on the target should be as the carry ammo. It is a point to remember that the shorter range of barrel creates more variance, and the more extended range of barrel creates less variance.
  2. The velocity of both should be similar. There can be a fraction of a second, but not in a huge difference.

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The Backdrop of The Winner 9mm

Get Know About 1911 Kimber Micro 9mm: A Thorough Review

It was Jack Warne and his son Greg who jointly built this giant company. The place of birth was located in Clackamas, Oregon, and it was 1979. Since then, they have gone through every possible struggle ever there was. It was only a matter of time that they would establish a positive reputation. So they did, with their .22 rifles.

When It All Started…

It was one year later, and the 1980’s when the company went off the market due to bankruptcy. They were thinking about launching a brand new product line of M89 BG Rifle. But the plan fell through abruptly. They lost almost everything. 

In 1989, the company got sold to Bruce Engel, a giant of the lumber industry. He was the founder of WTD Industries, Inc. But he faced too many difficulties running the company while it was seeking protection. All of their assets got settled to cash for paying outstanding debts. 

Get Know About 1911 Kimber Micro 9mm: A Thorough Review

The Next Phase

Dan Cooper, one of the several employees who left the company. They have another company Cooper, Firearms of Montana in their mind. Jack Warne also did the same to go farther in establishing his own company. It was experimenting with the scope mounting system.  

Resurrection of Kimber

In the mid-’90s when Greg Warne was trying to revive Kimber. By that time, the original tools and machinery have already been wasted. 

Then came the Nationwide Sports distributors owner Les Edelman, to the rescue. They implemented new designs, and the company got revived quickly. But unfortunately, Greg was compelled to leave because the major interest was in Edelman’s hands.  

Get Know About 1911 Kimber Micro 9mm: A Thorough Review
Kimber Micro 9mm review

New Found Saviour, New York

Edelman has also made investments in Jericho Precision Manufacturing, a company based in Yonkers, New York. Then, it was building practical and usable tools for the defense industry. 

At that time, this company was struggling with cost-cutting factors for military armories. Edelgun thought of ways to combine the two companies’ prior experiences and motifs to build a new product line. 

Of course, it was the M1911 handguns. He shifted Kimber’s manufacturing sector to the facilities of Jerico’s New York Hub. This eventually ended Kimber’s warehouse in Oregon. Now, the company is going to have two places in New Jersey with a new addition to New York. 

Another Setback Occurred

When it was December 2004, Chief Financial Officer Denis Shusterman was held for his treason by a Federal Grand Jury. He was accused of defalcating an amount of $10 million from both partner companies. Later, he was convicted for pleading his guilt. Also, Jury ordered him to pay the damages and taxes as well. The jury sentenced him to imprisonment for 14 years. The troubles regarding Kimber were still stirring down their throat.

Circa Now

As the company was able to withstand all the storms and hurdles fortune threw back at them, they’re still there. Moreover, they have firm planning for expanding their inclinations, especially at Ridgefield, NJ facility, and also thinking of growing their Yonkers plant. 

There’s not one shooter who has gone, not knowing their 1911 classic offerings. They have a well-earned reputation that they’ve gained on their own. It is seen that their .357 Magnum revolver or EVO SP or K6S have done well in the past years. Although it has only been there like 3 or 4 years, Micro 9 mm created quite a buzz. The success of Micro.380 ACP led to the rise of these 9 mm rifles. Upfronting new designs with freshly accessible add ons were worth risking for, on their part.

So, let us take you to the framework of features and the advantages of these rifles, up to date.

Overview of the Models

There are a total of 6 variants of Kimber Micro 9 mm available in the market. These Kimber micro 9 best models are:  

  1. Micro 9 Triarii
  2. Micro 9 ESV
  3. Micro 9 KHX
  4. Micro 9 Two Tone
  5. Micro 9 Desert Tan (LG)
  6. Micro 9 Nightfall

We are here to give you an all overlook to Micro 9mm. They are one of the most lightweight and accurate rifles if you consider it — the traditional 1911 style aligned with the barrel bushing and grip safety. The single-action trigger is one of the many reasons to die for. This will provide you with an apt clean break. The reset will also impress you with a much shorter time.

Let’s check out some of the notable  Kimber micro 9 specifications :

  • Caliber: 9 mm.
  • The material of Slide: Stainless Steel.
  • Barrel Finish: Ramped with stainless steel.
  • Length of Barrel: 3.15 inches.
  • Weight: 15.6 oz, without mag.
  • Trigger Type: Single action, built with solid aluminum. 
  • Press of the Trigger: 5.0 lb Crisp, short & smoothe.
  • Body Length: 6.1 inches.
  • Body Width: 1.06 inches.
  • Height: 4.07 inches.
  • The Spring for Recoiling: 11.5 pounds with guide rod.
  • Safety Measures: Trigger drop safety with added Firing Pin.
  • Mag Safety: None.
  • Capability: 7-round magazine. 
  • Grip Nature: Rosewood ( Crimson Trace is also available.)
  • Acting Kind: Single.
  • Warranty: One year for the original processor.

Also, we are providing some Kimber micro 9 features for your benefit:

  • There’s a grade trigger match.
  • Full-length Guide rod available.
  • Ther trigger withholds a very smooth and clean break. Also, it comes off as tactile and crisp.
  • Very much concealable as there are no sharp edges.
  • The recoil spring is 16 pounds.
  • Beveled Magazine.
  • Easy-grip.
  • Easy assembling.
  • 1911 appearance with no grip safety.
  • The Ejection Port is lowered and flared.

Comprehensive Review


Kimber Micro 9mm review

The accuracy is on point, covering distances up to 10 yards by the perfect Kimber micro 9 dimensions. The frame measures only 6.1 inches suitable for pocket carriage. Using a 124 

One single action and semi-automatic option to go for. 

The barrel remains locked until the firing, and the bullet has left the muzzle. The higher pressure on the Luger cartridge needs more strength over others. Accuracy standards are modest. 

The trigger, being just a scarce hard and abrasive, in single-action, it did not do that well. Also, the gun had a scanty tendency to project one flier again and again. Elongated range concourses established a slight rusty on the first joint of, but this gun was for made for occasional firings. A well-placed adhering dressing rendered all the essential padding.


Kimber Micro 9mm review

The Micro 9 mm models utilize a single column and a six-round magazine( 7 round rifles are also available). It is the same working for Sig Sauer P938. But the difference is Kimber ones are quite visible. Also, it adds only half an inch, hence rifle remains lightweight. With the classic American craftsmanship, it is built using high-grade aluminum.

The miniature 1911 structure has stainless steel made magazines with witness holes, spring internals, and polymer baseplate. When it comes to concealed carriers and avid shooters, this is the best mag choice to go for. The durability of the Kimber Micro 9 magazine is another feature to go gaga about. 


There are recent up-gradation in the case of Crusader triggers. The new players come with lightweight and prolonged durability. Scratch resistance, along with quality aerospace aluminum construction, a perfect combination for gun people. 

Tolerance level and flexibility is another thing to give your attention to. The utter crispness and tactile features are also looking good on it. With these appropriate linings, you will be able to make consistent shots. For a small gun like this, it’s a lot smoother and easier to use the triggers. 


The muzzle flip and recoiling control are well handled in Micro 9s. The barrel is only 3.15 inches long and weighs almost 16 pounds. With the perfect sizing, it adds only a little weight. Additionally, the ease and no worry for recoiling make these lines of collections a fan’s favorite. Kimber micro 9 stainless bodies and barrel finish as well goes with the styles and also durability.


The ranges of caliber make the user very comfortable with shooting. It is entirely compatible with the Kimber Micro 9 ammo and makes the recoiling part even more manageable.


There are 6 rounds and also 7 rounds accessible. The mag release button is firm and creates more accurate shots.

Ergonomics Factor

Let’s talk about the ‘ergo’ factor of the gun. It is more suitable for one hand. Holding while using either hand, thumb forward grip works well. Good news for the left-handed ones, too, it’s also accessible for them. 

Applying the grip panels and back strap, the gun locks itself at the right time. Besides the stylish look and great finish, the grip performs extraordinarily subtle. The texturing is right for even the beginners. The body of the grip is very ample for providing a firm yet comfy hold. The controls are quite easy to reach without even a minute rotation of grip. 

Few Perks to Look at:


If we are talking about a rifle like the Kimber, 3 red dot sights will be a topic to focus on. They come off as quite recognizable, mediumly sized, and aligned with the sight picture. The pattern follows dovetails, always replaceable. The dot sights will always give you the time to distinguish the target.  

Gripping Factors

The rosewood panels are worth the money spent. Tighter grip and a locked wrist are additionally making it the best rifle to go for. The grip is very important; a mere slip could cost you more than you can ever think. 

The Luger ammunition might make it harder, but Kimber has your back. The muzzle brake is working swiftly with it. The grips are quite manageable, but for the experienced. The novice might face a little problem at the start. 


The 7 round magazine is already a hit. The loading is made much easier than earlier 1911 designs. The original factory stainless steel for magazines is beveled for the benefit of shooters. This is to make the sitting process of magazines smoother and faster. The company has also included steel sights mounted in dovetail slots.

Goals Met

The Fun and Hardcore Performance Part

Kimber’s timing couldn’t have been better, and people were longing for this kind of tactical firearms. The advancement in ballistics and rightly manufactured cartridges make performance fluid. 

The accuracy and easy handling while being fit in regular size is a great feature for us. The perception of 9 mm is quite different than .380 ACP. The chamberings are inclining towards the requirement of smaller cartridges.   

Practical Shooting

The new design has a resemblance to the miniature 1911 in so many ways. With the new additions of the grip safety and barrel bushing, that’s how they both differ in features. It is not only for the game shooting of rocks at 3 yards but also for performing serious tasks of a bona fide 9 mm.

Pocket sizing

It goes as a pocket pistol so well. Also, you can carry it in your jeans’ pockets. Practical yet small sizing is good for use. Although it might create some pressure for your fingers. Too small sizes always do not go well for certain situations. One handhold might be ok for the pistol, but bringing support from the other hand might not go as well. 

Micro Shooting

It might come as short and compact, but one may wonder to see the ways that 9mm Luger cartridge performs. When playing at muzzle velocity at 10 feet from the muzzle, this generates 290 ft-lbs. The Test was done using a 115-grain bullet. 

While it is defensive loads, the muzzle energy will run around 300 ft-lb, which shouts out an amazing performance. 

If you’re having any concern regarding the shoot with this powerful 9mm cartridge chamber, then loosen up. As this is not the case. Though the recoiling is not that helpful, otherwise shooting with a 9 mm is not at all unpleasant. The bark and quite obviously jump are gonna be there, but they aren’t a concern. 

Kimber Micro 9mm review


Kimber Raptor grips come with a single row of scallops and stainless steel slides. They are also seen in the backstrap. Besides looking good, it provides the ultimate groove over other rifles. The grip panels and scale patterns on the Raptor slide are also worth looking at. The thumb safety also comes off as ambidextrous and sufficient for simple activation. 

The uplifting trigger is a small, thick slice of aluminum outwardly reducing holes. The Custom Shop even bevels the magazine wholly to facilitate reloading. 

Micro 9 not only echoes a humbler, abridged 1911, it typically operates like one, too. Excluding the link or bushing. The barrel ramp is a fine extension to the primary device.

Assemble, and rearrangements are notably manageable. 

  • You only have to eliminate the magazine, and rack slides several times. 
  •  Then, examine the chamber to see if the pistol is emptied.  
  • Regulating the rounded top of the slide end with the sticker in the slide, drive out the slide stop from the rear. 
  • Finally, you’ll be able to expedite the slide away from the front frame. 
  • You can then tighten the recoil-spring and exclude it with the guide rod. The last thing left is, gliding out the barrel.

The sights on the Micro 9 Raptor calls for high praise. Being not one of the make-do units, they have steel-built, red three-dot, night-sights interlocked into the slide. They are gotten immediately and leads to the sight picture to be explicit and specific.


The interesting gun which meets almost every goal that a shooter might desire. Easy for everyday carrying while providing powerful and target-driven shots at once. This is gradually reaching up to the credibility level, amongst the users. 

America’s privileged law enforcement is now endorsing the Micro 9s, which is great news. One hell of a single-action rifle running on accurate sights also emerging as one of the easy-peasy in case of use. 

Additionally, 1911 type of ergonomics and the aluminum framing the 15.6-ounce pistol performs perfectly. The well-chosen holsters, .380 ACPs that are flawlessly concealable. The raptor, in particular over others, is the talk of the town. 

Operative Actions

Get Know About 1911 Kimber Micro 9mm: A Thorough Review
Kimber Micro 9mm review

Control comes easily. The mag release button is quite firm but able to drop magazines effortlessly. The interesting thing is the thumb safety, the activation, and deactivation is very simple. You only lock the slide in the rear, and you’ll be good to go. 

The laser (Crimson Trace) grips are, of course, intuitive and properly designed. The on-off switch placed on the bottom rear of the very left panel is useful, from mid to long term stock. 

The rubber pressure pad in the frontal strap is well aligned with the shooter’s hand posture. The pressure that activates the laser is well-balanced. The laser of Micro 9 is not that immune after 10 to 15 yards, in broad daylight. Positioning the laser at zero POI (point of impact) might take you some effort to set it up towards other distances.

While buying a Micro 9, you should always watch out for appropriate laser grips.


Absolutely tiny for moderate-sized hands. Larger handgrips might make some adjustments to reach the ultimate goal. But it does not call out to be uncomfortable or uneasy. 

But you gotta be aware of slipping off the gun, from the bottom edge of your grip. Also, watch out for the finger position while you’re about to trigger. If you’re up for the extra-small and ultra-concealable reach, then you should overlook the compromise part of the ergonomics.


It does not come with targeting features, although there were nice hole clusters in a target at 7 yards distance. While testing the ammunition type, the pistol ejected reliably going with all kinds of bullets. Also, it functions effortlessly with different types of hand loads. 

You can keep count on it if you’re dealing with shorter ranges. The availability of numerous models, the stainless steel built, and chic appearance are the deal makers. They are also a very good fit for all hands. What makes it a good device for defense activity is the strength and the accuracy that it provides.

Accessories for You should Need fo Shooting

Purchasing a gun alone cannot fulfill your shooting sessions. There are still some accessories like the magazine, holster, laser grips that are worth eyeing for. We are going unleash some of them here:

Kimber Micro 9 Crimson Trace Red Laser Grips, Rosewood

Get Know About 1911 Kimber Micro 9mm: A Thorough Review
Kimber Micro 9mm review

There’s a switch at the beneath of the trigger guard, activates by hand pressure. This laser grips generally project a bright red dot sight, proven essential in strenuous training. The dot reading instantly visualizes the proper grip and control on the trigger. It drastically improvises the shot accuracy and reduces the time lag.

  • The exquisite Rosewood finishes with the quality 1911 classic design.
  • Suitable for Micro nine rifles.
  • Easy and simple installation.
  • Windage and elevation are adjustable up to quite a certain point.
  • The red-colored laser withholds the power of sight.

Kimber Micro 9 mm Luger Stainless Steel (Magazine)

Get Know About 1911 Kimber Micro 9mm: A Thorough Review
Kimber Micro 9mm review

This one comes right out of the original factory construction. It guarantees a perfect fit and goes as a reliable choice as well. The replacement parts are manufactured with keeping the same tolerance level and ability in mind. 

If you are really into this, then keeping some extra magazines aside is not a bad idea at all. These extras obviously gonna save you some loading time at your range. It’s always good to have a backup, and of course, in these cases, it’s completely essential.

  • Stainless steel implemented a durable and strong built.
  • Compatible for Kimber Micro 9.
  • Capacity withholds a 7-round.
  • Caliber works for a 9mm Luger.
  • Pocket-sized with the extraordinary 1911 firearm power.
  • Special polymer base plate.

Kimber 1-Piece Full Length Recoil Spring

Get Know About 1911 Kimber Micro 9mm: A Thorough Review
Kimber Micro 9mm review

The 1911 Guide Rod is for multi-purpose applications. The well-fitting and installation are considerable for their quality handling.

  • Compatible for Kimber Ultra Carry.
  • The kit includes a full length of the Guide rod.
  • The recoil spring plug and recoil spring are well built.
  • The takedown tool is also accessible with the kit.

Kimber Thumb Safety 1911 Ambidextrous Stainless Steel

Get Know About 1911 Kimber Micro 9mm: A Thorough Review
Kimber Micro 9mm review

This one replacement is a must for the safety of your 1911 buddy. But it needs professional installation and fitting by a qualified Gunsmith. The best thing is that it comes with the left and right side and fresh hammer pin.

  • Stainless steel material.
  • Compatible with any 1911 model, especially for Ultra, Pro Carry, Ultra Tan, Custom II, and so on.
  • The ambidextrous safety is an add on.
  • The highest factory standards are available.

Kimber Guardian Angel Pepper Blaster II 

Pepper Spray Gel provides a more ergonomic feel, including the sights. This can stop any threats from a safe distance. This defense tool, you can easily carry in in your pocket space. The Guardian Angel comes along two cylinders and an inflammatory agent for your aid. It does not lose the pressure after a certain time as the others do.

  • The effective range right goes up to 13 feet.
  • The propulsion operative measure is revolutionary.
  • Jet-delivery present.
  • It has a four-year shelf life.

Now let us discuss Its Ammunition:

Now the point is what is very special about this pistol, or it is better to say a gun. Well, when one is practicing shooting in a medium-range and trying to hit the target with accuracy, there should not be very much distance between the center point and the updated target. 

Now, if you are practicing shooting at least three to four inches right or left or up or down from the place of the main dot, you do need to adapt the gun and the ammo very sincerely. Here the Kimber Micro 9 is an excellent choice for practicing. Kimber micro 9 problems are also less compared to the other, so it becomes a good point to choose as well.

How to choose ammo for Kimber Micro 9:

Get Know About 1911 Kimber Micro 9mm: A Thorough Review
Kimber Micro 9mm review

Well, before going to choose ammo for Kimber Micro 9 there should be a basic knowledge of how to choose ammo for a pistol or a handgun. Below mentioned guidelines about ammo choosing can help a little more…

  • Firstly look at the caliber stamp. It is generally marked on the barrel of any pistol. There usually are .45 ACP, 9mm, .38 SPECIAL bullets are used in Pistols. Now there is the necessity of what kind of pistol one is using and what is the motive of the person.
  • Now the main part is after selecting the purpose. One can choose the type of bullet. Like there is one known as a full metal jacket or in short FMJ. It is basically a bullet covered with a full metal body. 
  • That is the reason it has the name of a full metal jacket. This metal jacket bullet does have a compelling destroying capability as the material does not have an enormous amount of expansion under the metal jacket, so it creates a huge pressure when it burns, and then it blasts with a grat destroying power. 
  • Also, due to the metal body but fragile cover, it has very high speed and functional capability to break the barrier of the air to a certain limit. So it can easily avail in a short-ranged area with good targeting ability.
  • Soft point bullets are also there, which are one of the topmost construction of ammos. There are so many guns that come with soft point bullets. The development of soft-point bullets is made with soft metals, which is easy to burn out and able to handle the pressure easily. 
  • Semi wadcutter bullets are there, which creates an instant action on the tissue and creates heavy damage. It usually looks from the front like a chin. The front side of the bullet is a little chunky and sharp; that is the reason it creates massive damage instantly.
  • Well, Kimber raptor grips are very common in the market of weapons and have easy maintenance.

Now for target practice, there are so many bullets that can be used. But the above bullets are good to apply. So from the above bullets, one can choose a gun that supports the bullet and then try to shoot on the paper marked. It is better to choose the Kimber micro 9 to have greater variance and lesser target complexity.

There are also some important points to have a good decision about choosing ammo. So let’s check that out as well….

  • The Kimber micro 9 mm gun uses only 9 mm bullets. So it is easy to understand by name only to have a good idea about which bullet it does use. But if anyone is given the gun not by name and has to choose then the process as mentioned above, he can follow in choosing that. Kimber micro 9 features are very much uncomparable to the other pistols.
  • Now there are some points that a 9mm gun is made with different types of materials. So there are some of the materials which are combined to make the 9mm bullets. So choose accordingly.
  • One more thing that one should notice besides looking at the caliber only is that there is the top-notch of the bullet. Some bullets have a little curvy head, some are very sharp, and some are very chunky. So it is also according to the requirement of the bullet.
  • There is one thing that comes in the last but not the least that is cost. The higher compatibility and performance creates a greater cost. The more expensive bullets, the more expensive guns are required.
  • The Kimber micro 9 upgrades are often found in the gun shell factories easily.

Cleaning and reassembling the Kimber micro 9:

Get Know About 1911 Kimber Micro 9mm: A Thorough Review
Kimber Micro 9mm review

Well, every product does have maintenance and cleaning time. After using all the products, they always need to have a cleaning session. So guns are also not a very big exception to that. 

The Kimber Micro 9 is a gun that requires good cleaning and good maintenance as it is made out of the metal body. It is very meanly observed that metal body equipment needs more and more maintenance than other materials. The main reason is that it can capture the moisture if it does not get any cover after the use of that. So here is a basic technique to clean that.

  • Do use a very grippy cloth to get all the dust outside of it by pushing the cloth in the barrel.
  • If it already captured the moisture, then try to remove it by doing some basic ideology of cleaning moisture.
  • There is the bullet section as well, which does need good and very well maintained because it can cause a lag in the smoothness of the gun working.
  • The Kimber micro 9 ammo always needs to be cleared.

Advantages of Kimber Micro 9

The advantage of the Kimber micro 9 is that one can use any bullet. Mostly one can apply all kinds of 9mm pistols bullets for this gun. 

There are some other advantages as well. The more you use other bullets, the more maintenance needed, so here the advantage is less maintenance is required for the Kimber micro 9. 

The other facility over the Kimbe is the Kimber micro 9 grips are very aggressive and comfortable compared to the others. The reload time is very less compared with the practice. The recoil impulse is very less, and the target achieving probability is also quite near to one. 

There are other perspectives like the magazine of Kimber micro 9 that has a great facility that doesn’t create any extra load to the gun, which creates more recoil. The more recoil means less probability to the target achieving. So the Kimber Micro 9 magazine does here good support.

There is a very big necessity of pistols in the defense as well as to the police. Here Kimber Micro 9 is one of the greatest options to have as a gun to those persons. There are some responsibilities required to keep the maintenance of the gun. Especially Kimber micro 9 sights require more and more maintenance.

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