How To Stipple A Gun

You must buy a soldering iron and a few sandpapers. You have to have stippling plastics with you. Be very focused and attentive. Besides, we highly recommend you buy an exhaust fan for giving off the fumes when you are about to melt the stippling plastics.

Those who have a gun license may want to know how to stipple a gun. Well, for your kind information stippling is a really time-confusing process. If you want to stipple your guns and firearms at home, you need to have a proper plan and essential tools with you.

In the below sections, we take a closer look at the necessity of stippling a gun or firearm. Keep reading.

Stippling a Gun Or Firearm- Is It Necessary Or Not?

So, before you stipple your gun, you must think: why should you bother with stippling a gun? Stippling a gun has many benefits.

When done properly, stippling can give you a strong grip on your gun. You can feel a firm grip when a professional gunsmith stipples your firearms rightly. And, a strong grip indicates a strong control.

Talking about the aesthetics, stippling increases it as well. So, if you want to modify your gun permanently and bring an aesthetic and pleasing look to it, you can stipple your gun.

But remember, stippling is a permanent process of modifying your firearms and once you have finished it, there is no turning back.

However, improper stippling can weaken the frame of the gun. Your gun will convert into a terrible-looking thing in such situations. Also, you may lose your gun’s warranty with improper stippling.

6 Steps Of Firearm Stippling

Whether you do stipple at home, or it is done by a professional gunsmith, 6 steps will be required to stipple a firearm properly. We talk about the steps on how to stipple a gun in the below sections in detail.

Firearm Stippling Step 1: Acquire Firearm Parts

So, the first and the foremost step is to acquire the firearm parts that are needed to stipple a gun. You will have to have polymer parts like pistol grips made with plastics and PMAG if you are just a beginner. Plastic is way cheaper than other materials and working with plastics is easy.  

Firearm Stippling Step 2: Get A Soldering Iron

As discussed earlier, you have to buy a soldering iron and a few sandpapers. These two things are essential for stippling a gun. Besides, you will need stippling plastics as well.

When you melt the plastics, do not forget to use an exhaust fan as it will produce extreme heat. On the other hand, soldering irons can get extremely hot too. So, you need to use those irons very carefully.

Firearm Stippling Step 3: Practice Stippling Before Stippling Your Own Guns Or Accessories

As improper stippling can harm your guns, you need to practice the process on handguards. What we mean to say is that you need to be an expert in the process of stippling.

You will get enough parts to practice stippling before you try it on your own gun. Try different styles and try to bring uniqueness to your work.

How To Stipple A Gun
How To Stipple A Gun

Firearm Stippling Step 4: Have A Plan Of What You Want To Accomplish

This is not a process that can be done all of a sudden. So, you need both practicing and a proper and foolproof plan on how you make it up. Be patient and make a proper plan.

Firearm Stippling Step 5: Prepare Your Workspace

Once you are done with the above-said steps, you have to prepare a proper workplace to stipple your firearms. The room in which you are working should be airy and enough light should enter the room.

For better safety, don’t allow children into the room until you finish stippling. Do not get distracted while you are in the process. 

Firearm Stippling Step 6: Work Slow And Steady

Last but not the least, stippling can’t be done if you are in a hurry. Be very focused on your work. If required, take a break and start again you are ready.

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Does Stippling Weaken The Frame?

We often encounter a common question regarding the process of gun stippling. All we can say is that it depends on how the stippling of the gun is done. If the stippling is finished properly, followed by all the correct steps, it never weakens the frame of the gun.

But in case the stippling is not finished properly and if it is done by some novice, there is a chance that the gun frames can be harmed or weakened. So, it is best to hire a professional or an expert whenever you want to stipple your gun.

Want to do it yourself? Then practice so many times and start your process.  

Does Stippling Wear Off?

Another question that we encounter so many times is: does stippling wear off?

Well, in most cases, proper stippling does not wear off at all. When fine materials and tools are used in the process of stippling, it has become durable and sturdy. So, the stippling can last as long as the gun or the firearm.

On the other hand, it is the owner’s responsibility too to handle the firearm with proper care. The guns with stippling should be preserved very carefully. So, you must have proper knowledge of how to take care of a gun.

How Long Does Stippling Last?

As discussed in the above sections, when done properly, stippling can be permanent. If the fine materials are used to make the stippling and the owner takes care of the gun properly, it will last until the gun is destroyed itself. Therefore, it all depends on the craftsmanship and the amount of cleaning the gun receives every day.

Also, you may smell an odor if you ignore cleaning the gun regularly. There is a particular process for cleaning your firearms. Make sure you have proper knowledge of it.

Does Stippling Void Glock Warranty?

Well, the best companies will provide you with their best gun stippling services that will not void the warranty of the Glock. These companies include:

  • Fine Line Tactical
  • MLS Customs
  • Stippgrips
  • Landers Weapon Systems
  • Zev Technologies

Who Does The Best Glock Stippling?

You can be an expert on your Glock stippling process. However, professionals from the top stippling companies can give you the best Glock stippling services. So, if required, talk to a professional or an expert.

Alternative To Stippling

Is stippling not your thing? But you want a strong grip too? Do not worry! An easy alternative to stippling is available for you.

You may purchase grip tape sheets and cut them to the size of your gun. They are great alternatives for stippling. To bring perfection, you may use a CNC machine to cut the sheets permanently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What tools do you need to stipple a gun?

If you want to stipple your gun, you must buy a soldering iron and a few sandpapers. Also, you have to have stippling plastics with you. These tools are extremely necessary for stippling your gun.

Besides, we highly recommend you buy an exhaust fan for giving off the fumes when you are about to melt the stippling plastics.

2. Should I stipple my gun?

Well, in case you want to modify your gun permanently and bring an aesthetic and pleasing look to it, you can stipple your gun. Stippling is required for the strong grips. It is a permanent process of modifying the guns and rifles and converting them to a slick look.

You can have a strong grip on your gun after you stipple it. But you must remember that stippling a gun may end up with losing a warranty and decreasing the resale value of the gun.

If the stippling is not perfect, the gun may look terrible. Also, if the process is not finished rightly, it will weaken the frame of the gun.

3. How long does it take to stipple a gun?

Stippling a gun takes actually a lot of time. If you want to stipple your gun, you have to be more attentive than ever. You have to take care of the small detailing while you are stippling your gun.

You need to be focused as well because it is a slow and repetitive task. If you lose your patience during the process of stippling, you may end up making your gun screwed or destroyed.   

4. What do you need for stippling?

Here are the essential tools that you will need during stippling your gun.

  • 1 wagon wheel
  • 1 diamond tip
  • 1 large round tip
  • 3 small plastic vials
  • 1 practice material
  • 1 X tip
  • 1 chisel tip
  • 2 large plastic vials
  • 1 rectangle tip

To Summarize

Be very aware! Stippling is a task that is not everyone’s cup of tea. Before you are about to stipple your gun, you have to make sure that you have proper and enough knowledge about this particular process. If you are not an expert, no need to do this at home.

You can go to a professional and stipple your gun. There is no shame in that. A professional can stipple the gun perfectly and this will surely enhance your experience regarding the grip. All the best!

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