Glock 41 Review: For Once, Cheaper is Better

Glock 41 Gen 4 is an Auto Caliber pistol that started a storm among the pistol enthusiasts. This pistol has an excellent sight radius and balanced weight distribution, which makes it a great pistol to use and handle. 

It also comes with the Modular Back Strap system, which helps make the grip of the pistol become customized according to the hand size and shape of the holder. This pistol also has a reversible magazine catch, which is useful for people who are left-handed and not comfortable with the grip all the time, as well as for right-handed people. Glock 41 MOS configuration is a feature that every buyer wants to have.

Glock 41’s Traits

Glock 41 specification is very long. The length of the pistol is 223 mm. The side length is 211 mm. The overall width is 34 mm, and the side width is 25.5 mm. The height of the pistol is 139 mm. The Polymer line of sight is 195 mm, the steel line of sight is 194 mm, and the GNS line of sight is 193 mm. 

It has the caliber of .45 Auto, and overall the pistol weighs 675 grams without the magazine added. The Mag. Capacity of the gun includes two options, but both the standard and the optional one is thirteen. When the pistol has loaded magazine, it weighs around 1035 grams. 

It is a safe action system pistol, and the trigger pull is 24N. The barrel length of the gun is 135 mm, which is quite nice, and weight is almost 760 grams with an empty magazine. The trigger distance of the pistol is 72.5 mm. 

Glock 41 Characteristics

This practical ACP pistol is a double-action one. It has 45 Automatic Colt Pistol Caliber. It has a capacity of 31+1, and the grips are black interchangeable backstraps. This pistol features a Modular Optic System of sight Configuration. The frame finish of the pistol is black, and the frame material of the whole thing is Polymer. Glock 41 features an Octagonal Rifle type of Barrel.

It also comes with a lot of other features like:

1. ZEV Tech V4 lightweight steel striker:

Glock 41 Review: For Once, Cheaper is Better

This is a lightweight striker that is remarkable for its strength. It is also very well-made and comes with an extended tip. These features allow more speed and primer popping energy when the pistol is used for shooting.

2. Wolff reduced Striker spring:

The striker spring needs to be compressed through the trigger motion so that the full weight of the pistol is satisfactory. If someone wants very light strikes that also have some ammo, then they need to apply reduced power spring with an extra heavy stock striker. One can use compressed power spring, which also comes with the additional striker, and the user of the pistol will get maximum ammo. 

3 Ghost Edge 3.5 connector:

Glock 41 Review: For Once, Cheaper is Better

Glock has worked on the wall of the trigger. They are specially designed so that there are no walls in the trigger. This pistol does not come with a built-in overtravel stop that does not require any fitting. If the user of the gun wants to reduce the overtravel, they can always adjust the trigger housing with an additional adjustable stop screw. 

4. Trigger Kit:

Glock 41 Review: For Once, Cheaper is Better

The kit comes with housing with an overtravel adjustment screw. There is also a polished trigger bar that can be modified for reduced pre-travel. It also comes with polished firing oi that also has a safety plunger that ultimately minimizes the power spring. There are also some other things like polished connector, reduced power striker springs, stock trigger springs, and many other things. 

Reviews on Glock 41

Glock 41 is a very nice pistol that has a lot of ammo. It is also not a very expensive product, unlike many others like it. Loads of this pistol are lightweight and easy to carry and handle. It can be useful for many things. 

  • Heavy metal with low effort: Pistol enthusiasts consider it as one of the best heavy metal pistols that do not require a lot of effort to use. This pistol fits in the Glock 34 holsters and does not require any modification. So for someone who does have a 34, they do not need an additional holster. If the pistol user is shooting massive matches, the pistol will be able to hold almost 2011 rounds, and with the help of TTI extensions, it will provide seven more shots. 
  • As a duty pistol: It is a good option for duty pistols. The grip of the gun is so small that if someone happens to have little hands, they will still be able to use it. Gun comes with lots of ammo, and it is easier to shoot than a lot of its counterparts. 
  • As a personal defense device: The pistol can be used for own safety purposes. It is an ethical duty pistol. However, because of its dimensions, this pistol may be a bit hard to carry around.
  • Glock 41’s Accuracy: Glock 41 accuracy is pretty good. It is very consistent in its shooting and skill. They sometimes can have some issues because the pistol comes with a thin barrel, but in general, it provides a pretty accurate shot. If the user of the gun wants to increase the accuracy, they can invest in a guide rod that will significantly help the accuracy of the shooting. Trigger, sights, barrel all adds to the ultimate productiveness of the product. 
  • Wolff extra power trigger spring: When the spring is active, the full weight of the pistol is also lighter. The strength of the trigger spring will have to be at par with the strength of the striker spring, or else the reset will be slowed down. The user of the pistol needs to be careful about the installment of the spring well, and they will have to make sure that is is not at all twisted or kinked.

Glock 41 Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Glock is a very reputable brand that makes high-quality guns and pistols that are very famous among people who are into pistols and use them for practical purposes.
  • It is great for competitions.
  • It is considered one of the most versatile pistols from Glock.
  • It is one of the best pistols for tactical teams, officers and units who are used to keeping full-sized pistols at all times with them.
  • Pistol enthusiasts consider it as a soft shooting pistol compared to other .45 ACP pistols. 
  • It costs relatively cheaper than any of its counterparts.
  • It possesses a wide shooting range. 
  • The pistol is very well shaped and balanced. 
  • The pistol comes with beaver tails and in total three magazines.
  • It has a simple design that is both easy to carry and handle, as well as adds extra charm to the whole thing. 
  • Its grip can be adjustable, which will be very beneficial for people with all shapes and sizes of hands.
  • Glock 41 will enable the shooter to shoot tighter groups that are at an extended range. 


There are some Glock 41 Gen 4 problems. They are:

  • It needs a bit of lubrication to function smoothly and accurately.  
  • In higher competitions, it will be a bit rough.

It is a very versatile and easily usable pistol that has many benefits for the ones who need a good quality, lightweight pistol that provides accurate shooting. It is a perfect product. When this pistol came out, it created a lot of buzz among the people who deal and handle guns and revolvers. It has a wide variety of benefits, and that is why it is no wonder that it had been so popular.

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