Go With Archangel Stock M1A for Safeguarding Purposes

The M1A is an excellent rifle among enthusiasts. For many years, the stock has been made of wood. But, now, with the advancement of technology, the stocks are now made with other synthetic materials. Archangel M1A Close Quarters Stock is made of suitable quality high-grade plastic. 

Go With Archangel Stock M1A for Safeguarding Purposes
Archangel Stock M1A

Archangel M1A stock Review

M1A is available in weighs only 4.2lbs, which makes it easy to carry around. Wooden stocks, even though it has its benefits, it can be substantial, especially in remote places like in a forest. Archangel M1A comes in handy in a time like this.


  1. This polymer or aluminum-made gun prevents the humidity, heat and other external issues as well as enhances the accuracy.
  2. Its classy carved finish makes the product very nice.
  3. Inbuilt cheek riser with telescopic stock optimizes the riffle.
  4. Stability is another important feature of this M1A and it makes the process easier to do.


  • Archangel Stock has many studs and inserts so that you will be able to mount slings easily. There is also a rail for any other extra accessories. It also includes a cover for the track.
  • Archangel stock is very adjustable. The length of pull but also the height of the cheek riser should be kept in mind. This benefits the user in mounting or using a scope. This will also help to shoot in different directions.
  • The angled grip is highly desirable among rifle users. The grip determines the accuracy of shooting and handling the rifle. The Archangel stock also has storage space inside, which can be useful for so many reasons.


  • You might require fitting with high care and attention.
  • It is required to upgrade periodically.

M1A Aftermarket Stocks

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Some of the accessories for the M1A stock to customize it for the user are:

  • Buttstock Cleaning Kit: There is some cleaning kit that is sold separately from the stock. It is advantageous while hunting. Cleaning kits are essential for any gun owner.
  • Service Tools: Rifles need servicing from time to time. Different rifles need different tools and techniques. Users of guns should not compromise on the quality of service tools.
  • Scope: It is crucial to get a range to improve the rifle’s long-range shooting. M1A does not have the support to an extent. It needs a scope mount.
  • Bipod: A bipod is necessary for a heavy rifle. The bipod needs to be adjustable and robust enough to withstand most of the wear and tear of the process. It also should have an ethical posture to balance the rifle.
  • Bipod Adaptor: M1A does not have a front sling swivel. This is why Bipod Adaptor is so vital for peerless steady shooting.
  • Sling: Slings used to be used for sitting the rifle over the shoulders; they were used as an arm wrap so that the shooting was steady. On top of that, it looks cool.
  • Cheek Rest Riser: Cheek rest risers should be adjustable for all the rifle users. Shooters should be comfortable so that they can shoot accurately.   

Easy Steps to perform Archangel M1A Stock Installation

Archangel M1A stock installation is very easy. A file needs to be always ready and drop the barreled action in the stock. Installing the buttstock and filling it is the most crucial part; it needs to be done correctly. Archangel M1A Stock Socom 16 will increase the accuracy of the shooting. 

  • Getting acquainted with the stock is vital. The user can take pictures to get a better idea of the design, and then one will have a better idea about additional items.
  • The stock needs to be modified according to the requirements.
  • Then the buttstock anchor can be installed. After that filling and ‘keying’ the buttstock’ is done.
  • At last, the user can concentrate on the finer details and finish. 

It is a USA-made product that comes with a lifetime warranty. When you get one, you will not need to buy another one for the rest of your life. It withstands and survives most heavy conditions beautifully. When you compare this stock with its price, then it can be said that it is a worthy investment.

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