Never Miss a Target with the Best 1000 Yard Scope on a Budget

First, though, what is your experience with firearms? Have you shot a rifle before? At distances of more than a couple of hundred meters? Because if you haven’t, going into the 1000 yard game is pretty crazy. Those distances are true “extreme distance” shooting, and something for experienced shooters, not first-timers or entry-level shooters. 

It’s worth taking a bit more about the challenges of reaching out to 1KM. To achieve high levels of accuracy, it’s generally essential that a bullet stay super-sonic. Once it goes through the transonic barrier (falls below the speed of sound), the bullet will usually become unstable and start to tumble or yaw in unpredictable ways. At this point, accuracy degrades severely. 

As such, to shoot at those distances requires both high muzzle velocity and a very aerodynamic bullet that will maintain a high speed. Yet too high of muzzle velocities means “barrel burner” guns, which will burn out a barrel and render it inaccurate in as little as a few hundred rounds. All in all, it’s not hard to get to around 800 meters, but that last couple of hundred (on up) starts to get progressively harder.

A Brief History on 1000 Yards Shooting

Never Miss a Target with the Best 1000 Yard Scope on a Budget
1000 Yard Scope

In the US Civil war, the standard target was the size of a rider on a good size horse. Or about 10’x10′ . Weapons testing and accepted musket accuracy were for a percentage of shots to hit in that square. 

Snipers of that period often used German or English match rifled muskets for shots as far as 1000yds.

Most shots a lot less and is why 1000yd balls tend to make history books, being so rare.

During WWI and II, a standard service rifle was often used. Some were accurized and some not, just in skilled hands. Most probably had the accuracy of 2-3″ at 100yds after 2-3 weeks of field use. Some snipers would attempt shots out to your range and probably most missed

Choosing Best Thousand-yard Rifles

Choosing the best thousand-yard rifle is not an easy matter. You have to gather adequate knowledge about all the thousand-yard rifle companies and their products. Moreover, you have to contemplate the optics quality accuracy longevity and above all pricing. Now in this article, you will be provided with valuable knowledge about thousand-yard rifles, which you will be required for choosing the best thousand-yard guns within your price limit.

There’s also the weight of the scope to account for, and how it will impact not only how your rifle shoots. But, you have to carry it while hunting or just to the range. Do you want a fixed magnification or variable? How is the light transmission? Which type of reticle does the scope use or what is ring size adjuster target? Each of these questions is needed to answer before choosing a scope

The optics which you can buy at a meager budget are very much inaccurate, and quality is also not up to the mark. In contrast, when you purchase optics in better money, that optic contains better quality. So, when you are purchasing a thousand-yard rifles more significant amount of money should be considered to spend.

Features of Great Scopes 

If you aim to hit a target at a long-range, then scope with excellent quality is mandatory. So speaking of quality, here are some features of ranges that you have to throw light on such as

Objective Lens

Object lenses are designed to pick up light and magnify and then direct highlights to other parts of the instrument in a more concentrated form. By taking the most basic type of optical device, a single telescope that has an objective lens at the front might turn it into an eyepiece

A larger object lens with higher capacity helps to gather light, and the flatter the curvature of the object lens. The longer focal length becomes the diameter of the objective lens that does not affect focal length. The light rays still reach the eyepiece and provide the same image; although it will be a duller image.

On the other hand, the width of the objective lens has no bearing on magnification either; magnification is produced by dividing the focal length of the objective lens by the focal length of the eyepiece. So, if an object lens of 100 mm focal length and an eyepiece of 10 mm focal length, then the system will magnify 10 x and with the same front lens fitted with a 5 mm eyepiece would expand 20 x.

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When it comes to thousand-yard shooting, magnification is not that important feature. It helps when small targets are being aimed. When you are aiming for a long-range goal, a variety of power scopes are present there that you need it. There are 40 x magnification scopes available, but 20 X magnification scopes are more than enough to perform your targets.

The magnification of the Rifle can be changed with the power rings. You need to adjust the ring according to the range of the telescope of the rifle. You need to modify the focus by rotating the ring according to the target range to get a clear view while shooting.

Rifle Scope Magnification for 1000 yards

Most of the new scopes consist of magnification till 24x power, but that doesn’t make you aim better. By increasing magnification, several things become necessary, like brightness, clarity, etc. So, 16 X power is enough to make a perfect thousand-yard shot

Target turrets

Target turrets are extremely necessary when it comes to long-range shooting, most importantly, for the targets at multiple ranges. Targeted, it helps the shooter to shoot at an extraordinarily long-range and make that possible. Without it taking an extreme long-range shot would be great difficulty as you won’t be able to notice the target. That time guessing will be the only option, which is not at all a good idea.

Tips For Shooting at Long Range Distance

Never Miss a Target with the Best 1000 Yard Scope on a Budget
1000 Yard Scope


MOA is a minute of angle, often used to describe the accuracy of a rifle. One minute of angle is 1/60th of a degree. A deviation of one minute of angle will result in one inch of offset at one hundred yards. To say a rifle-ammunition combination resulted in an accuracy of 1/2 MOA means that a shot group will have roughly 1/2 inch spread at 100 yards. Riflescopes often have 1/4 minute adjustments; one click of the dial changes the point of impact 1/4 inch at 100 yards.


MIL stands for milliradian (sometimes shown as MRAD). It is equivalent to one-thousandth of the distance to the target, regardless of the range. One MIL at 100 yards equals 3.6 inches, at 1000 yards, it would be one yard (36 inches). It is more user-friendly in the metric system where 1 MIL at 100 meters is equal to 10 centimeters. A scope calibrated for 0.1 MIL adjustments would yield a 1CM change with one click of the dial.

Mounting Hardware

Between scope and rifle, there are two necessary things which are scope mounts and scope rings. In both cases, the most important thing is the matching of the scope tube diameter with the mount diameter and ring diameter, respectively. 


The reticle is nothing but crosshair, or it can be said as the aiming point that a shooter sets for his / her aiming. Before that, the shooter must focus on it with the help of his / her eye. You can adjust the eyepiece in almost all the rifle scopes.

For Hunting and non-ranging uses what is called a duplex reticle is probably best. You can get them with fine center wires and heavy outer parts. They give you the advantage of not seeing the center in fast situations, but when you have the time/need, you can look at them

For bench rest shooting, there are TWO reticles used for most accurate shooting. The users get an opportunity to use it as per their choice. Very fine crosshair which is present makes it, very beautiful unless you are looking against a target. However, you can quickly lose them in the clutter or the same reticle with a 1/8 min dot at the middle (aka covers 1/8″ at 100 yds). Most of the users prefer to use a dot for a quick movement

Never Miss a Target with the Best 1000 Yard Scope on a Budget
1000 yard scope

The standard target looks like a small round target, with a square box below. You may use the corner of the box as an aiming point but set up to hit the center of the circles.

In this way, you put the vertical crosshair along the vertical edge of the box. The horizontal along the top of the box allows you to see tiny gaps and tilts of the firearm.

How accurate are benches files? Last year, at the biggest competition, the top 17 shooters shot a 100 yd “agg” (aggregate of 5 five-shot groups) of less than .200 inches. The RECORD is something like .009 inches. In that game, everything counts. I usually can shoot in the .22 – .3 range, and that isn’t good, but it sure makes non-bench rest shooters take a second look – Yes, you fire five shots, and can cover it with a dime, or at worst a Nickle

Some of the Best Thousand yards Scope Brands

An innumerable number of companies produce rifle scopes. So, it will be so much complicated when you have to choose the best scope brand for your thousand-yard rifle. Companies that provide quality scopes consistently are given below


Nikon is a Japanese company that is famous for outstanding quality products regarding photography tools and cameras. Their product quality and precision helped them to develop themselves in the long-range scope market.


Night force company is renowned for its quality scopes. Most of the reaches get the built-in the US, but for saving money, Nightforce builds their SHV lines in Japan. Their products are often in demand because of their longevity adjustment accuracy, efficiency, the optical quality of the scope.

Schmidt and bender

This is a German company that is renowned for its quality long-range scopes, and they have been providing their products for a long time. Their products are the best when it comes to scopes for Hunting, military service, law enforcement, high range target shooting, etc.


Leupold has been producing their scopes right after world war II. This company is what are the oldest and renowned quality scope producers. Their products have accuracy, efficiency, best optical quality. 


Vortex is one of the latest companies for making quality long-range scope optics. Vertex is consistently gaining a place in scopes market as their products provide quality yet affordable, which measure product a definite value for money.

Never Miss a Target with the Best 1000 Yard Scope on a Budget

Some of Best Quality 1000 yard Scopes and their Reviews 

Nikon Sniper Scope Review

Nikon manufacturers great quality scopes that are designed to optimize sight pictures. High-speed turrets are the best feature of their ranges. Nikon has been providing the best quality products, long-range scopes, and not an exception. They are a very reliable brand and probably the best scopes provider for 1000 yards out there in the scope industry.

Nikon Black fx1000 Review

Never Miss a Target with the Best 1000 Yard Scope on a Budget
1000 Yard Scope

The Nikon FX 1000 is designed especially for long-range shooting purposes, whereas this product is not a right choice for Hunting. Nikon made this product thinking of both the professional shooters as well as for people whose hobby is shooting. 

This model has a fast focal plane, which is FX 1000. This has 25 IMO adjustments/revolution. This version helps measure the impeccable level. You can get a perfect reticle to adjust contrast in which work the light condition it is.

The Black FX1000 offers the reticle etched into the glass, helping at higher magnifications. It offers 6-24x magnification with a 50mm ocular lens, a parallax adjustment dial, an illuminated reticle, and is highly durable. It’s more than double the price of the Monarch 3, but offers more features and is better able to handle a rugged hike into the wilderness for Hunting, though it is heavier. It’s one of the higher-end Nikon scopes, but that does not mean it is right for you and your situation.

To keep safe, thermal shock is used in this model. There is nitrogen exclusion. This product is an astonishing choice to lift your performance.

Millett Scope 625X56 

Never Miss a Target with the Best 1000 Yard Scope on a Budget
1000 Yard Scope

Millett scope 6-25X56mm LRS-1 is an outstanding product and worth for money. This product is having a scope of SFP mil, which provides longevity. This product didn’t get any complaints at all. in two or three days; the range can be compromised. 

The turrets were tight and not sloppy, as some others may have experienced. The .25 MOA version and perhaps the towers were different on the .1 MOA version. All in all has stood up well to 300 win recoil. The rings that came with the scope are way too high. I ordered the millet low rings and mounted the scope to my rem 700. The low rings are still a bit higher than I would like, but are acceptable since selection in 35mm rings is limited.

Millett lrs 6-25×56 review

Never Miss a Target with the Best 1000 Yard Scope on a Budget
1000 Yard Scope

Millett Scope 6-25X56 provides trustworthy action when it comes to shooting. You will obtain image clarity while using this product. This scope is powerful and effective when it comes to large, as well as hard-hitting rifles. The scope reticles are very high quality and glass etched. This product is very durable. Magnification is highly ranged and provides brighter images, multiple brightnesses with the precise target. So these are the qualities which make Millett Scope 6-25X56 is value for money.

Millett Scope Reviews

Since the birth in the 1970s, Millett has become a renowned brand for rifle scopes. They used to make pistols back in the 80s, but today they are making long-range scopes.

Millet has been providing excellent quality rifle scopes and their performances and accuracy commendable and above all their products economical. In spite of delivering their products in quite an affordable price tag, they still manage to provide products having as quality as other high priced products. Millets provide their products having an adjustable zoom, lights, and make handling the product quite comfortably.

The rifle scopes that millet manufactures are very user-friendly, easy to mount along with gives reliability to the shooters In every shot.

You can get one long-range scope model for the ultra-long-range shots only from millet. Millet offers professional Hunters as well as marksman great qualities quotes at very Berger paint price this mixed millet very value for money. Millet has been providing its quality products for a while now, and most importantly their products can target impeccably. This is why Hunters consider millet as the best hunting rifle. Even renowned marksman acknowledged their products as well.

Where are Millett scopes made Burris 201052

1000 Yard Scope

Millet Burris 201052 is designed for long-range shooting. The scope of this product is entirely appropriate for shooting in competitions. Burris 201052 is the product which studies to buy any marksman for its vast 58 mitres objective lens and 25x zoom.

Millet Burris 201052 has a 58-millimeter objective lens, which makes one of the best scopes out there for 1000 yards in the market. For long-range shooting, this product is perfect.

In the case of the reticle, this product offers a unique competition reticle as well as a mil-dot reticle. Millet Burris 201052 provides high quality 5 X zooming in scope, which provides a broader view with the better target in long-range aim. 

Millet Burris 201052 has a versatile zoom erector system, instant zero-reset, multiple reticle choices. In contrast, this product has some disadvantages as well such as Turrets are inflexible, and ice can get damaged at full power.

But still having a perfect zooming system, image clarity, and large-quality lens make Millet Burris 201052 is real value for money and probably one of the best thousand-yard rifle scopes out there in the scope industry.

Nightforce Scope

1000 Yard Scope

Nightforce producers scope with fantastic quality, which every large marksman all Hunters cherishes. Their products are standard when it comes to long-range rifles. The long-range scopes with vast magnification range as well as an outstanding objective lens

 They are thousand-yard long-range scopes that can make your target even up to 2000 yards, which are quite astonishing.

Nightforce provides their scopes with an astonishing zoom of 22 x, which helps you for perfect aiming. Nightforce scope has an internal adjustment of a hundred MOA along with a wide range of magnification. Moreover, the scopes provide extreme longevity, which makes this product is a dream of every shooter. The world’s most significant disadvantage of their scopes is the outrageous price range.

Vortex 1000 yard Scope

1000 Yard Scope

Vertex produces amazing products when it comes to thousand-yard scopes. Their scopes have versatility yet so accurate. Their reticles for scopes profiles accuracy in shooting. Vortex manufactures optics with very high resolution with clarity of colors, which makes their product very demanding

Vortex long-range scopes have laser etched turrets, first focal plane reticle. Their products may cost a little, but still, you will get better scope quality in this price range, which makes Vortex scopes value for money.

These are some scopes out of a wide variety across several manufacturers. The key to finding the best long-range riflescope is finding the right one for you. It depends on how you will use it, what range you will be using it at, how durable you need the scope to be, and more. Once you know the answers to these questions, you can better select the right range for you.

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